PROFILE (English)


My motif is the heavenly world such as gods and divine beasts etc... 

also Shinto / Zen ideas.

I give expression to things that are invisible through inspiration. 

From 18 years old, I have lived in Mexico for two years.

Currently, I'm creating my art works in Japan and Europe (Mainly France). 


Group exhibition (Mexico city)

Group exhibition "Mujeres de Japon" (Mexico city)


Graduated from Mexico art academy

Solo exhibition (Kyoto), I was in charge illustrated to a book's cover and cuts.


Paris International Exhibition (Paris), Drawing Competition (Paris) Winning


Contemporary art world exhibition (Tokyo · Aoyama spiral garden)

2011 - 2013

Started on activities as a singer in Tokyo.

Acting mainly in Shibuya and Ikebukuro, also appeared in radio and Nico-Nama.

I have a experiences of live performance at "Sibuya Eggman", 

it's famous as a gateway gate that produced a number of famous artists.

Started live painting performance in collaboration 

with other artists such as musicians and dancers.


Go to France


I challenged crowdfunding to open a solo exhibition in Paris, resulting in success.

Solo exhibition 【Flower Garden】 (Paris)

Solo Exhibition [Exhibition "Yuu Tsukinaga"] (Tokyo)


Participating in Grand Marche D'art Contemporary (Paris)

Mural painting in solo exhibition (live painting performance), simultaneous, 

I was holding collaboration event of wall painting and dance "gods' party" (Osaka)


Exhibited Installation art at the Girona Flower Festival 2017 (Spain)

from 13 to 21 May 2017

Exhibited Installation art at the Girona Flower Festival

 (Girona Temps de Flors) 2017 (Spain)

with a dancer/ Eri koo

18 Mar 2017

With performers at the group exhibition (Kyoto)

Painter / Yuu Tsukinaga

Dancer / Eri Koo

Music / Kuchu CAMPerc

12 Feb 2017

Mural painting & shooting at my solo exhibition (Osaka)

Painter / Yuu Tsukinaga

Dancer / Eri Koo

Photographer / Yukima Yamamoto

20 Nov 2016

Live painting performance in a big event (Osaka)

23 Feb 2015

The Vernissage at the solo exhibition in Paris (France)